Control Tool Bar

Run-control main tool bar
The toolbar contains buttons that allow users to control and operate CODA run control state machine. 

There are buttons for transitioning between states of the run control state machine:

  • download 
  • prestart 
  • go 
  • end 

As well as buttons for:

  • Configuring a run 
  • Start Run: starting a state machine 
  • Resetting/Aborting a state machine 
  • Pausing a run 

A short description of each toolbar button is provided as a tool tip (when you point to any button with the mouse).
Run control GUI is CODA state machine aware and will enable those control buttons that will transition run to the allowed state. During the state transitions Afecs logo on the control tool bar will turn into rotating red pyramid, indicating that the system is in a state of dynamic transition. 


Control tool bar of the interface houses also text fields to indicate the start and end time of the specific run.