New website : This is the new CODA Documentation website. We are moving all of the documentation, download links and other web based information to this server. At this time there are probably some things that are missing. The old website is still available at codaold.jlab.org. If you do find something that you need which isn't here but was on the old website please email coda@jlab.org and let us know.


A screenshot of CODA in actionThe data acquisition support group (DAQ group) is part of Experimental Nuclear Physics division. The group provides support to the laboratory staff and user communtity for the development and implementation of data acquisition for nuclear physics experiments. You can read more about the DAQ group on the About Us page.


Jefferson Lab uses a common framework of software and hardware to implement data acquisiton systems for experiments and test stands. This framework is called CODA (CEBAF Online Data Acquisition). You can read more about CODA in the CODA Documentation. CODA was developed by the DAQ group and is a suite of software tools and components which, along with the recommended electronics, can be used to implement a data acquisition system suitable for nuclear physics data taking. The system is designed to be modular and flexible and, parts of CODA can be used to implement systems acquiring other types of data. If you are interested in customizing CODA to meet your needs please contact us.