PPC Cross Compilers

The tar file x86-linux.tar. contains GNU cross compilers for compiling vxWorks PowerPC based code on your Linux Host (gcc version 2.96+ with altivec extensions). This is necessary to build CODA readout lists that are to be downloaded to ROCs running on vxWorks targets such as the Motorola MVME2600 MVME2300, MVME2400, MVME2700, MVME5100, MVME5500, or MVME6100 series of single board computers.

This distribution can be unpacked under any filesystem, but we suggest for possible updates or to support other cross compiling options that the following directory substructure should be created...

  e.g.   create the directory   /usr/local/gnu/ppc/host
           copy the tar file  x86-linux.tar into that directory and unpack

You will need to add the binary files into your path (modify .cshrc or .bshrc)

  i.e.   /usr/local/gnu/ppc/host/x86-linux/bin

You may set the Environment variable GCC_EXEC_PREFIX but it is NOT necessary to get the complilers to work. IF it is set to an alternative path or different cross compiler distribution, it will not work.

  i.e.   setenv GCC_EXEC_PREFIX /usr/local/gnu/ppc/host/x86-linux/lib/gcc-lib

The CODA readout list compile script "makelist" requires that these cross-compilers be available when using the "ppc" option. If you are only compiling readout lists using the "native" option then the cross compilers are not necessary.

These compilers can be used for compiling any vxWorks PPC based target running vxWorks 5.4 or later, but vxWorks 5.5 kernels are required for use with CODA 2.6