Core Packages

Documentation for the core packages used by CODA.
Other pages in this section:

Event IO (evio) Documentation and downloads for the latest version of EVIO.
Event Transfer (ET) Documentation and downloads for Event Transport (ET) package.
Experiment Control System (Afecs) Documentation for the AFECS experiment control package.
Messaging (cMsg) Documentation for the cMsg publish and subscribe messaging system

CODA makes use of several underlying core software packages which can be used independently from the rest of the CODA framework :

  • EVIO is the native CODA data format. The EVIO package allows manipulation of EVIO data from C, C++ and Java.
  • Event Transfer (ET) is a package that provides a mechanism for sharing data buffers between programs. ET makes no assumption of the underlying format of the data and can be used independently of CODA.
  • The cMsg messaging system is publish-subscribe messaging software that provides a mechanism for communication between distributed