Concurrent Technologies vx915

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Hardware configuration for the CT vx915

CT VX91x

This module has the MAC address of each ethernet port labelled on the front of the module. Take note of the MAC printed on the label fixed to the port going to the front panel.


Onboard configuration


  • Install CR2032 battery, Plus (+) side up


  • Jumper Settings (Jumpers are ordered from Right to Left... SW2 and SW3 lower on the PCB than the rest)
    • SW2: 1=ON, 2=ON, 3=OFF, 4=OFF (For Serial Redirection to Serial Port on Front Panel)
    • SW3: 1=OFF, 2=ON, 3=OFF, 4=OFF (For VME SYSRESET on Front Panel reset)
    • SW4: 1=OFF, 2=OFF, 3=OFF, 4=OFF
    • SW5: 1=OFF, 2=OFF, 3=OFF, 4=OFF
    • SW6: 1=OFF, 2=OFF, 3=OFF, 4=OFF
    • SW7: 1=ON, 2=OFF, 3=OFF, 4=OFF (PMC V(I/O) 3.3V)
    • SW8: 1=OFF, 2=OFF, 3=OFF, 4=OFF


BIOS configuration

Enter BIOS at power up by hitting F2

Enable PXE boot from the Front Panel

  • MAIN -> Boot Features ->
    • PXE Boot: <Enabled>
    • Front Panel ETH: <Enabled>

VME Settings

  • VME ->
    • Outbound Reserved Size: <256MB>
    • Inbound Reserved Size: <16MB>
    • VME SYSFAIL: <Clear>
    • VME System Reset: <Disabled>

Serial Console Redirection

  • Advanced -> Console Redirection ->
    • Terminal Type: <VT_100>
    • Baud Rate: <9600> (or higher, if wanted)
    • Data Bits: <8 Bits>
    • Parity: <None>
    • Stop Bits: <1 Bit>


PXE configuration file

  • Kernel command line options (append)
    • Be sure client boots from eth0 device
  • Redirect to console (e.g. 9600 baud rate)
    • Re-allocate virtual memory (required for 32bit kernels)
    • Set a high resolution terminal (for attached monitor)