evio  5.2
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evio::evioUtilities Class Reference

General utilities. More...

#include <evioUtil.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static uint32_t * appendToBuffer (const uint32_t *buffer, ContainerType bufferType, const uint32_t *structure, ContainerType structureType) throw (evioException)
 Appends structure to buffer in newly allocated memory. More...

Detailed Description

General utilities.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t * evioUtilities::appendToBuffer ( const uint32_t *  buffer,
ContainerType  bufferType,
const uint32_t *  structure,
ContainerType  structureType 
throw (evioException

Appends structure to buffer in newly allocated memory.

Throws exception if buffer content type and structure container type don't match. I.e. cannot add a segment structure to a bank of banks.

bufferTypeContainer type of buffer (BANK, SEGMENT or TAGSEGMENT)
structureStructure to append to buffer
structureTypeContainer type of structure
Pointer to new buffer

References evio::BANK, and evio::SEGMENT.

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