JLab f1TDC-V2,V3 Library  V2:0x0e,V3:0x15
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JLab f1TDC-V2,V3 Library Documentation
  f1tdcLib.c  -  Driver library for JLAB config and readout of JLAB F1
                 TDC v2/v3 using a VxWorks 5.4 or later, or Linux
                 based Single Board computer.
  Authors: David Abbott 
           Jefferson Lab Data Acquisition Group
           August 2003
           Bryan Moffit
           Jefferson Lab Data Acquisition Group
           July 2013
  Revision  2.0 - Initial Revision for v2/v3

  • Supports up to 20 F1 boards in a Crate
  • Programmed I/O and Block reads